Tutoring Rates


Tutoring Sessions 

Tutoring sessions are facilitated online and provide help with homework as well as guidance and practice using a variety of learning strategies that students can apply to their own learning. Care and consideration are taken to understand the individual learner and learning styles. Individual learning goals are developed through a combination of district and national standards and guidelines, as well as any individual goals already addressed within the school. Parent collaboration is welcome and essential to understanding your child’s learning goals, and the key to your child’s academic success. 

Sessions are provided either one-on-one or in groups of no more than two students. One-on-sessions provide a completely individualized learning experience. This format is highly effective and recommended for the best outcome. 

Leaps at Bounds Online Learning understands, however, that one-on-one sessions may not be possible for all families. Because of this, we offer group sessions of up to two students. Care and consideration are taken to individualize learning while maintaining active participation throughout the entire session.

It is important to note that grouping students with similar needs and goals can be challenging. At this time, grouping students with similar learning goals is up to the individual parent. If a parent wishes to sign up for a “group learning session,” the signing parent is responsible for the entire hour. 

Tutoring Fee Structure:      


One-on-One Sessions: 55 min session 5 min parent interaction 

  • Grades 2nd - 8th: 1 hour $50.00* 

  • Grades 9th -12th: 1 hour $60.00* 


Group Classes ( two students max ): 


  • Grades 2nd - 8th: 1 hour $70.00* 

  • Grades 9th -12th: 1 hour $80.00* 


​*Special discounts applied for Loyalty Members.



Intervention Services 

Intervention services are designed to “fill the gap” for missed learning experiences that occur for a variety of reasons.  Sessions are offered on a one to one basis and are designed and implemented using research-based learning activities. Special care and consideration are taken when planning and facilitating learning activities according to your unique child’s learning style and needs.  A successful intervention is best achieved through a collaborative approach with you and a child’s school. 

Leaps and Bounds Online Learning offers a variety of intervention services in Grades 2-5 for literacy and language development and mathematical thinking including:

  • Phonemic and Phonological Awareness

  • Fluency 

  • Comprehension

  • Writing 

  • Mathematical Concepts 

  • Mathematical Reasoning

Intervention Fee Structure

One-on-One Sessions: 55 min session 5 min parent interaction 

  • Grades 2nd - 8th grade 1 hour $65.00*

  • Fluency 

  • Comprehension

  • Writing 

  • Mathematical Concepts 

  • Mathematical Reasoning

Writers’ Workshops 

Writers’ Workshops are designed to guide students through the writing process while providing both the tools needed for effective written expression and the permission to hone in on their creativity.  

Students meet once a week for 4 weeks in a group of no more than 4 students. Mini-lessons are provided, where students apply can their own learning to their craft, ask questions, and peer review with others.  

Writers’ Workshops are offered based on skill levels and demand, please inquire within.


Workshop Fee Structure:                     

  • 4-week class (small group of 4)

  • 120 minutes of group instruction

  • 80 minutes of individual support

  • All Grade Levels - $150.00*

Essay Review

Essay review is for students who just want someone to review their essays with them and provide feedback, offer suggestions, and help edit before final submission. 

  • Middle School - College - $25.00 for pages 1-4; $1.00 each additional page.